His Majesty, The Emper Of Japan - December 20 2018

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His Majesty, The Emper Of Japan - December 20 2018 

"I am trying to finish my journey as an emperor" ... now the whole interview.

"Q" It was the last birthday to be welcomed as the Emperor. The days the Majesty has been walking with the Empress will soon have a break and the new generation will be responsible for the Imperial Household. Tell us what you would like to tell the people now with the current feelings. 

 [Emperor Hiroshi] When I look back on the past year, I can not forget the disasters that were more common than usual. Many people lost their lives due to torrential rain, earthquakes, typhoons, and we lost the foundation for our lives. I learned about disasters through newspapers and television and also actually saw the situation of disasters by visiting several disaster areas later, but the power of nature was unimaginable. I express mourning to the people who lost their lives and I hope that the affected people can regain their original lives as soon as possible. 

 By the way, the first time I visited the disaster area was when I visited the area damaged by the Ise Bay typhoon as the name of the Emperor Showa in 1946. 

 This year I am about to go dark and the day of my next assignment in the spring next year is getting closer. 

 Since commanding, I have been doing the work while seeking a desirable way of the Emperor, which was positioned as a symbol under the Japanese Constitution , and I have been to this day. I would like to continue doing my daily tasks while continuing to ask for its way, until the date of the assignment. 

 The international community after the Second World War, East-West Cold War structure there was under the, fall in the first year of Heisei Berlin collapse of the wall, the Cold War came to an end (demise), the future of the international community is peace I had a hope that it will be a moment. 

 However, the subsequent movement of the world did not necessarily proceed to the direction that we wanted. Ethnic conflicts and religious conflicts have occurred throughout the world, and many victims are born by terrorism, and my heart aches on the fact that many refugees are sending hard days. 

 In the world situation like this, Japan has been following the war after the war. At the age of 11 at the end of the war, in Showa 27, when he was 18 years old, he gave an adult ceremony, followed by a raising ceremony. I remember that the San Francisco Peace Treaty came into force in that year, Japan returned to the international community, and has accepted the greatest ministers of the countries that will arrive in Japan one after another. And the following year, I came to the crowning ceremony of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the UK, and I visited foreign countries for more than half a year. 

 Since then, 65 years have passed, and with the efforts of all the people, Japan has advanced step by step in the international community and has built peace and prosperity. The return of the Amami archipelago in 1945, the return of the Ogasawara Islands in 1964 and the return of Okinawa in 1974 were accomplished. Okinawa has traced the history of extremely long hardships including the last great war. I have repeatedly visited 11 times with the Empress, including the Crown Prince time, and tried to understand its history and culture. Our thought that our hearts are drawn to the sacrifices the people of Okinawa endured will not change in future. 

 Under such circumstances, we entered the era of Heisei, celebrating the milestones of 50 years, 60 years, and 70 years after the war. Remember that many human lives were lost in the great war and that the postwar peace and prosperity of Japan was built by such a lot of sacrifice and unbelievable efforts of the people, people born after the war I think that it is important to communicate this correctly. I am relieved from the bottom of my heart that Heisei is about to end as an era without war. 

 And I can not forget that I visited Saipan Island in 60 years after the war, Palau 's Pelitieu Island in 70 years after the war, and the Philippine Carillaya the next year for a memorial service. I thank the empress and the countries that accepted my visit warmly. 

 What remains next in my mind is disaster. The eruption of Unzen · Futenakake in 1990 , the Hokkaido Southwest Offshore Earthquake of 1993 and the tsunami damage of Okushirijimabegan, many disasters occurred, including the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995, the Great East Japan Great Earthquake of Heisei Heisei 2011 , many I lost the lives of people, I feel sorrow to the words that the unseen people were damaged. However, I am encouraged by the fact that volunteer activities among people are raised, various feelings of mutual respect are fostered, and consciousness and response to disaster prevention are increasing among them. In addition, we are constantly struck by the figure of people who respond properly when disaster occurs. 

 I have been thinking that being a valued duty to bring mind to those who have difficulties, including those with disabilities. Sports of people with disabilities started for rehabilitation in Europe , but beyond that we hope that the disabled themselves enjoy sports and that those who see it will also be enjoyable sports. It was. I am deeply impressed that everyone is enjoying the Paralympic Games and the National Disabled Sports Games held every year in the country

 This year marked the 150th year since migration from Japan to overseas began. In the meantime, many Japanese have worked hard as a member of the society by repeatedly making efforts with the help of the people of the place they visited. While thinking about the efforts of these Japanese people, I have the opportunity to meet as much as possible when I visit each country. 

 And in recent years, many foreigners came to work in our country. Even when we visited the Philippines and Vietnam, we met with people who are preparing for the future aiming to get a job in Japan in the future. While people in Nikkei are receiving help in their respective countries, while thinking that they are active as members of their respective societies, everyone warms as a member of society as a member of society who come to Japan from various countries and work. I hope that I can welcome you. Also, visitors from foreign countries are increasing year by year. We hope that this visitor will deepen our understanding of our country with our own eyes, and that goodwill friendship relations with each country will advance. 

 In mid-April we will have 60 years married. Since the marriage the Empress has always been a step with me, understood my idea, and supported my position and duty. In addition, we cherished people connecting to me, including the Emperor Showa , and lovingly raised three children. In retrospect, as soon as I began my journey of life as a royal family, I met the present Empress, asked for accompaniment with deep trust, I have continued my journey with this companion together. 

 Today, as I am about to finish my journey as an emperor, I have accepted my position as a symbol, thankfully thanked the many people who have kept me supporting me, and I was one of the citizens of myself I sincerely hope that the Empress has joined the journey of my life and has been doing devotion to both the Imperial family and the people for a long time, 60 years, with a genuine heart. 

 And next spring I will give up and a new era will begin. I am grateful that many stakeholders are preparing for this. In the new era, the Crown Prince serving as the Emperor and Akishinomi that supports it have been accumulating many experiences, I think that we will continue on the road in accordance with the everyday changing society, taking over the Imperial family tradition. 

 It was only a few years later this year. I hope everyone of the people will have a good year. 


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