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Buying a gift card 

We offer electronic gift cards or “miteigi GiftCard”, which can be redeemed at any of our stores or online. Choose the type of gift card that's most convenient for you and your recipient.  

What form do gift cards take?  Virtual (can be printed out)
How are gift cards sent to the recipient? By email (available for use within hours)
Can I buy a gift card alongside other purchases? No
What's the shipping cost? Free
When do gift cards expire? Never
Is there a fee to purchase? None
Can I use a gift card to get cash or make a payment on my store account? No
Can I redeem online? Yes
Can I redeem in a store? Yes, including any popup outlets 
  • Gift cards may not be eligible for use with certain promotions. Check the promotions details for specific limitations. 
  • Discount and Promo Codes may not be used to purchase or part purchase a miteigi GiftCard.
  • Gift cards are not available to purchase via EBANX to our customers residing in Latin America.

To buy an electronic gift card 

At the bottom of this website page, click the Giftcards link to open the Gift Cards page or use this link to buy an electronic gift card.   

  • On the page that opens, select the US Dollar amount of your choosing that want to purchase.
What happens next? 

The miteigi GiftCard is sent to your email account within hours of purchase. You can then personalize the email and forward it to Your recipient. Included in the email is a link to access the miteigi GiftCard online, as well as instructions for redeeming it. The miteigi GiftCard can also be printed, though it's not necessary to do so to redeem it. Please keep your original email in a safe and secure place for possible future reference. 

To pay with a gift card 

You can use an electronic gift card from any of our brands, to purchase merchandise or services at any of our online stores. 

Gift cards can't be used to make payments on any credit card account. 

  • When you're ready to purchase, go to checkout (or click the Shopping Bag Checkout button in the top right corner of the website). 
  • In the payments section of checkout, select gift card and type the 16-digit gift card number exactly as it appears. 
What happens next? 

When you use a gift card, we charge the card as soon as you place your order. If your purchase total is more than the value of your gift card, you can use another payment method to pay for the difference. 

If your purchase total is less than the gift card's value, the gift card carries that remaining balance until you use it another time. 

To replace a lost or stolen gift card 

For an electronic gift card:

If you lost or misplaced your miteigi GiftCard, just click the link in the original email and print it out again. If your miteigi GiftCard was stolen, email customer.service@miteigi.com We can cancel the original miteigi GiftCard and issue you a new one for the remaining value. 

To return or cancel the purchase of a gift card 

Electronic gift cards can be canceled before any store or online purchase has been made using the miteigi GiftCard, but they cannot be canceled or returned after an item purchase.