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We're proud and excited to announce our partnership with Crowdfund For Climate Change and from June 12 2017, we can all make a difference to global environmental causes with our loose change.

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Carbon Checkout is designed to offer you the unique opportunity to give change to the environment at Checkout.

Voluntary default contributions are less than $1 - a round-up value - with larger voluntary contributions accessible via drop down menu. Simply Tick / Check the Box at the bottom of your Checkout page.

Participating customers receive an automated personal confirmation e-mail with unique hyperlinked verification code, where you can access your personal Giving Portfolio to track all contributions and learn about the renewable energy projects you helped to make possible.

Carbon Checkout pools all contributions into a fund to make significant investments in renewable energy projects that reduce global carbon emissions. 未定義 miTeigi and you can become part of a powerful movement to reduce the effects of climate change through collective action, it’s as simple as one-click.

All Carbon Checkout contributions are invested in renewable energy projects through a carbon finance commodity known as a carbon offset. To learn more about carbon offsets and our investment strategy, please view our Carbon Offsets 101 guide.

All carbon offset investments are validated by the Verified Carbon Standard or Climate Action Reserve and are independently audited and tracked by verification code. To learn more, visit www.carboncheckout.com.

Together we can make a difference and we thank you for your consideration in participating in this worthy cause.