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We’ve partnered with peace winds Japan to help in their ongoing worldwide charitable causes. 

Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the support of people in distress, and threatened by conflict, poverty, or other turmoil. With its headquarters in Japan, PWJ is operational in many parts of the world.  

With the motto of “providing the necessary support to people in need,” PWJ carries out its diverse activities across national boundaries. whether in support of refugees who have fled their homes, or internally-displaced people suffering in their own countries: PWJ provides support. From victims of natural disasters, to poverty-stricken communities; or for any people in distress regardless of their ethnic background, political stance, or religious faith: Peace Winds Japan is there.  

peace winds Japan relief project

As an emergency relief organization, PWJ has accumulated experience of rapid response to disasters. To take advantage of this, PWJ decided to further strengthen its initial response capacities by establishing a search and rescue team to save the lives of people trapped in rubble, in addition to distributing emergency relief items. Rescue personnel and dogs are being trained at the PWJ Rescue Dog Training Center in Jinsekikogen-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture. miteigi will help financially by donating a percentage of our profits to this worthy global reach organization. 

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