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Hi, I’m trying to get a created Friendships page which after the customer enters their details, they are then taken to the Facebook Welcome to miTeigi 未定義 Page.

I’ve created a template called page.campaign.liquid and what I want is that after the customer inputs their first name, last name, eMail ( I don’t need them to enter a password, but I am having difficulty not showing the password field), then it should go to the following page...

This is the Page I want to show after Submit....(code might not be correct)
<a href="https://www.miteigi.com/pages/facebook-welcome-to-miteigi"</a>

I don’t understand why the I’m not a Robot appears lonely on a separate page!? It ideally should appear after the Submit, but on the same input page.

Unfortunately at the moment after the customer submits their details, it takes then to an account page, which is not what I want.

It’s really important that I get this page up and running, so your assistance is greatly appreciated. I’m so close, yet so far away from achieving this simple task. Help ☺️

I used the registration form as a template guide in creation.