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Matcha Tea Ceremony Set

3 Piece Japanese Matcha Tea Set 

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3 Piece Japanese Matcha Tea Set 
Matcha Powder Whisk, Green Tea Chasen Brush, Tools Changsui Tea Spoon, Japan Green Tea Set Accessories. 
Product Description
1、Bamboo spoon is an important tool for the foaming of matcha. 
2、This homemade tea ceremony is made from a piece of natural bamboo. 
3、This will help to pull out the mellow inside the tea leaves and stir the powdered green tea powder into a foamy foam. 
4、The type of bamboo used to make matcha is usually made by another of the most common white bamboos. 
5、The number of kit is also different from whisker agitation. 
Bamboo spoon is an important tool for the foaming of matcha. 
This homemade tea ceremony is made from a piece of natural bamboo. 
This will help to pull out the mellow inside the tea leaves and stir the powdered green tea powder into a foamy foam. 
The type of bamboo used to make matcha is usually made by another of the most common white bamboos. 
The number of kit is also different from whisker agitation.  

Material: Bamboo 
Type: Matcha Tea Ceremony Set 

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Note: Bowl not included. 

3 Piece Japanese Matcha Tea Set 

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