Embossing Powder

30ml Japanese Relief Embossing Powder

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30ml Japanese Relief Embossing Powder 

Convex Powder Paper Japan Craft Art Supplies Relief Embossed Powder. 

Convex powder and floating watermark table collision: Embossed powder, also known as convex powder, need to use with a hot air gun, when the heat melts, so that the stamp cover pattern, text raised, and shows a three-dimensional effect!

How to use

1. Make the sticky ink pad supporting the embossed powder to color Zhang.  

2. Sprinkle the embossed powder before the ink is dried and remove the excess powder. 

3. When heated with a hot air gun, the embossed powder will dissolve. After cooling, the pattern will show a three-dimensional effect. 

Use note

1. Shake the bottle before use. 

2. You can use a hot air gun, oven, oven, etc. for heating. 

3. When using a heating tool, pay attention to fire and scald. 

4. The suitable temperature for heating is 120 degrees. 

5. Do not inhale, eyes, or inhale into the nose. 

6. Keep out of reach of children. 

Some of the pro-use gold and silver will stick to the cardboard. This can be done after the blowing, and it can be glued with a plastic roll. 

30ML of each bottle 

Transparent and not Transparent 

Type: Water Color Paints 

Painting Medium: Canvas 
Painting Medium: Paper 
Painting Medium: Glass 
Age: >8 years old+, Grownups 

30ml Japanese Relief Embossing Powder

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