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500g Blue Butterfly Pea Tea Dried Clitoria Kordofan Pea Flower Tea Asian Teas Japan Tea Ceremony

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Dried Blue Butterfly Kordofan Pea Tea 

100g Blue Butterfly Pea Tea, Dried Clitoria Kordofan Pea Flower Tea. 

100% Pure Natural Dried Butterfly Pea Tea, Blue Flowers Clitoria Ternatea. 

Condition: 100% New natural herbal
Material: Clitoria ternatea (Blue Pea, Butterfly Pea) 
Size: 100g. 
Pea flower is a herb that is known about the causes of long black hair. The substance contained in the pea flower named substance Anthony Saiyan. Available in pea It pea properties in aging the hair as well. It also helps in the healing and maintenance of a healthy body, too. 

***The benefits of pea 
--Prevent Gray Hair I made up a new black gloss finish. 
--Reduces premature hair loss. 
--Good eyesight Help in sight 
--Help neutralize free radicals in the body. 
--Improves circulation in small blood vessels of the body. 
--Help prevent glaucoma And cataract 
--Used as a diuretic, laxative. 
*** Water pea aging interior. 

the ingredients..... 
10-15 pea flowers 
1 tablespoon honey 
2 teaspoons lemon juice 
2 cups water 

*** How to make water a pea aging. 
Take a pea rinse thoroughly with clean water and then boiled pea prepared. Medium heat When boiling water and turn purple and then blue. Turn off the heat from the heat, wait until warm, then take a backup pea out the remaining water. Pour into a glass and add honey, lemon juice, stir well, add ice to be more cool. 

** If you add a little lemon juice, it change color from blue become purple that it will be beautiful color. 


Dried Blue Butterfly Kordofan Pea Tea

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