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Music Instrument
Black Foot Tambourine Cajon Box Drum Rhythm Metal Jingle Bell Percussion Musical Instrument Style Jazz

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Foot Tambourine 
Foot Tambourine, Cajon Box Drum Rhythm Metal Jingle Bell, Percussion Musical Instrument. 
Available in Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Red. 
  • Food tambourine with 2 sets of nickel-plated metal jingle bells. 
  • Compact and high-impact ABS plastic body. 
  • Durable elastic nylon strap fits comfortably over foot. 
  • Shaking your foot, then bright and melodious plink comes out. 
  • Good for acoustic sets and jam sessions. 

Material: ABS + Metal + Nylon 
Size: 10 * 4 * 6cm / 3.9 * 1.6 * 2.4inch 
Item Weight: 75g / 2.6oz 
Package Size: 11 * 7.5 * 5cm / 4.3 * 3 * 2inch 
Package Weight: 100g / 3.5oz 

Package Includes1* Foot Tambourine 

Model: Foot Tambourine 
Type: Percussion 

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Foot Tambourine

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