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Bean Sprout Machine
Home Grow Automatic Bean Sprout Machine Trend

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Home Grow Automatic Bean Sprout Machine 
Kitchen Vegetable Garden, Three Layers, US Plug, Multifunctional Homemade Sprout Bud Machine, with Intelligent Microcomputer Control, Bean Sprouts Machine.
-Food grade ABS material, green & healthy 
-Give good bean sprouts in just 3 days 
-Save electricity with PTC heating 
-Regulate temperature, pressure and humidity for thicker bean sprouts 
-A short circuit protection, safe for use. 
-Prevent water spillage with automatic drainage spill water 
-Eliminate the hassles of changing water with fully automated water recycling system 
-360-degree sprinkler, to prevent uneven germination of beans 
-3 different seasons modes(Spring/ Autumn, Summer, Winter), you can make your own bean sprouts all over the year 
-3 layers design, save electricity, time and money. 
-Convenient and easy to sprout your own at home. 
1. Add water to the pan bottom until high water level. 
2. Connect long water pipe and water pump outlet  completely,to confirm that the cover can cover properly. 
3. Put trays into the nurture container. 
4. Put seed down to the tray. Pick those bad beans out.  (grains or beans should be soaked in water for 1-2 hour before they are put into the machine) 
5. Put the spray head on the long water pipe. 
6. Close the nurture cover and fabric cover on the unit to prevent exposure to light nuts. 
7. Click the power button and choose one season button. 
(Note: When the temperature is below 15℃, recommended winter file. 
When the temperature is between 13-25℃, recommended spring / autumn file. 
When the temperature is above 25℃, recommended summer file.) 
8.Leave for 3-4 days or as needed. Air temperature will be watered as we choose. 
1. Connect the power, press the power key, the power indicator will light all the time. 
2. Then press one of the season keys, the machine starts to work, the season key indicator keep flashing. 
3. When replace the water, directly disconnect the power, do not need to press any key, after replacing water, directly connect the power, do not need to press any key. The machine has a power-off memory function. 
4. When complete, the machine will stop working, the season indicator light goes off, the power key indicator flashes. 
Planting bean sprouts must use this year's beans, vintage beans is not easy to germinate, and easy to mold. 
If beans soaked by water 30℃ above for too long time, the germination rate will be bad. 
Transgenic beans can not grow bean sprouts.
Replace the water once a day.  

Capacity of Work Bowl (Cup): Other 
Certification: CE 
Voltage (V): 220V 
Power (W): 20W 
Function: Bean Sprout Machine 

Package Includes: 
1 x Bean Sprouts Machine 
1 x Shading cover 

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Home Grow Automatic Bean Sprout Machine

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