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Japanese Essential Oil Diffuser Candle Aroma Burner Furnace Yoga SPA Aromatherapy Lamp Home Decor Ceramic Bamboo Incense Burner Style A

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Japanese Essential Oil Diffuser 

Candle Aroma Burner Furnace Yoga SPA Aromatherapy Lamp, Home Decor Ceramic Bamboo Incense Burner. 


1. add some oil into the burner.and adjust the temperature. 
2. Function: the burner can be adjustable 
3. Pour some warm water into the plate 
4. Drip 5-8 drips of essential oil (NOT INCLUDED) 
5. Turn on the burner 
6. Control the dimmer to adjust the temperature. 

Package Includes: 1 x Aromatherapy Burner 

Functions of different essential oils: 

Lemon oil  

Lemon oil is extracte from the fruit peel through cold press. Lemon has very strong and powerful citrus aroma being clean and sour and is rich in vitamins A,B,and C. 
Lemon oil can be used to relieve infections,stimulate the lymph glands, promotes weigh loss, can reduce gloating,reduce varicoseveins,wrinkles,and increases circulations. Also aids in relieving rheumatism,arthritis,gout,acne,oily hair,skin blemishes,and bad breath. Being a natural antibacteria,it is recommnded for healing of wounds,blemishes,scars,as well as healing insect bites. 
Grapefruit oil 
Grapefruit oil is extracted from the heavy peel of the fruit using the cold press method. Having a citrus aroma that is sweet and fresh. Blends well with other citrus oils. Grapefuit olil when used on a regular basis with a health diet and exercise may help reduce obesity. When used as aromatherapy can actually decrease appetite. 
With the use of Grape fruit oil,it can keep the kidneys nice and clean, while increasing circlation throughout the body. Also a natural way to reduce LDL cholesterol. 
The skin loves grapefruit oil as well. Therefore,it is commonly used in cosmetics. It can give the skin a special glow, suggeste to use if suffering from acne,dry skin,oily skin,dull skin,and cellutlite. It can also promotes relaxation in exhausted or fatigued muscles that would otherwise be stiff. 
Bergamot oil 
Bergamot oil has a very fresh aroma to it, sweet with a hint of orange and pleasant citrus notes. It is also know as "Bergamot Orange."  This oil is very popula in the aromatherapy world. 
Bergamot oil helps with those suffering from loss of appetite, flatulence, sore throats, cold or flue, and chicken pox, antibiotic and anti-spasmodic. It also helps with infecions in the mouth or boils.
This oil is commonly used for those having problems such as depression, anxiety, or stress.  It can be used to calm those who are fearful or in hysteria, relazing the mind and body. 
Cosmetically it is used in many skin care products to heal acne and keep ski clr and healthy.  Helping to keep skin smooth, with an even skin tone,itchy,dry,cracked,or blemished.  
Jojoba oil 
Jojoba oil has known as "stable" oil because it has a longer shelf life than other similar oils. This oil is a well-known carrier oil becauseit is a fixativ and is very stable. 
Jojoba oil has shown to have great results on the skin when applied to stretch marks and wrinkles. Jojoba oil is also used to sooth the skin by conditioning and calming. 

This oil can easily be reheated many times over making it popular among massage therapist who practice hot stone massage. it is also a non-greasy oil again making it ideal for massage. 

Type: Perfume Lamp 
Production: Candle Aromatherapy Furnace 
Classification: Incense Base 
Cosmetic Feature: Assuaging and Calming 
Use: Cooling 
Material: Bamboo ceramic 
Plug Type: Candle 
Incense species: Oil, powder 
Package List: 1* Aroma Burner 
heating method: Candles 
Vintage Style: Japanese 

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Japanese Essential Oil Diffuser

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