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Toilet Seat
Japanese Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

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Japanese Smart Bidet Toilet Seat  

White Electric Smart Bidet Cover, heated clean dry Massage Toilet Seats, Japan Bathroom Fixtures Furniture Accessories. 

Available in English or Russian language controls, with or without remote control. 

Feature: Electronic Bidets 
Feature: Slow-Close Toilet Seats 
Toilet Seat Material: PP Board 
Advanced Function: Instant Hot Type 
Advanced Function: Remote Control 
Advanced Function: Water Temperature Adjustment 
Advanced Function: Buttocks Washing 
Advanced Function: Female Washing 
Advanced Function: Seat Heating 
Advanced Function: Water Pressure Adjustment 
Advanced Function: Warm Air Drying 
Advanced Function: Nozzle Self-cleaning 
Advanced Function: Automatic Deodorization 
Advanced Function: Movable Nozzle Cleaning 
Model Number: Intelligent Toilet Seat 
Remote Control: Included 
Buffer Cover plate: Yes 
Toilet Seat Type: Open Front 
Power Source: AC 

Voltage: 220V-230V 


Japanese Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

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