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Wall Mirror

3D Round Wall Mirror Decal

Round cut out frame pieces mirror sticker 3D wall mirrors sticker DIY home decor decal

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3D Round Wall Mirror Decal 

Round cut out frame pieces mirror sticker, 3D wall mirrors sticker DIY home decor decal.  

Available in Black, Gold, Silver. 

  • Acrylic wall mirror sticker , 100% safe and green material, can pass the EN71 part 1 and part 3 test. 
  • Product size :40x40cm 
  • The crystal surface forms a perfect reflection of the light. 
  • No harm to the environment and health. Easy to paste the decal, easily removable without damaging your wall. Can be used for decorating living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, very beautiful. 

Usage and advantage

Note:This is DIY product,according renderings (or your own ideas), paste in your favorite place.

These decal stickers are made from the best acrylic in the industry. They can last for many years without peeling or fading. The decal stickers present no harm to the environment and health.

1.Please keep the wall clean before pasting. 
2.First according to the template on the ground, put the product well. 
3.Suggest to take a small piece of component test whether suitable for metope. 
4.This product can be used again and again, please use another binding to cooperate when you use again. 
5.Press firmly to squeeze out any air bubbles. 

Don't: Ash surface, Broken surface, uneven surface
Do: Clean smooth wall, tiles, windows, smooth wallpaper, closets, plastic. 

Material: Plastic 

Size: 40x40cm 

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