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Child Toy

Japan JR Hankyu 2300 Electric Train

The Black Pearl Japanese JR Hankyu 2300 Electric Train Japan Child Toy Model Train Playtime Model Maker

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Japan JR Hankyu 2300 Electric Train 

The Black Pearl Ultra-fine 1:55 Scale Japan JR Hankyu 2300 Electric Train, 3D Paper Models DIY Paper Train, Japanese Model Train Toys For Children Adult. 

Material: Paper Jam 
Modeling: Hankyu 2300 Electric train 
Material: 160g-200g Paper Jam 
Type: Train Model 
Feature: High simulation, Waterproof, Not fade, Parts precision, color fidelity 
1 Set Draw Pages:
Making Manual: Paper Version (in the package) 
Scale: 1:55 

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