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Tea Caddy
Japanese Classic Chinese Kung Fu Yixing Tea Caddies Japan Nut Coffee Spice Jars Candy Container Tea Cans Home Decor Accessories Style Z

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Classic Chinese Kung Fu Yixing Tea Caddies 

Vintage Classic Yixing Tea Caddies, Chinese Kung Fu Tea Set, Purple Clay Tea Cans, Nut, Coffee Storage Jar, Spice Sealed Canister, Tea Caddy, Home Decor Accessories. 

Available in different styles and in Black, Red, Brown Clay Pottery. 

Material: Purple Clay 
Product Name: Tea Cans 
Size: Size Charts Below 
Packing: Safe Package 
Packing List: 1*Tea Caddy 
Features: Beautiful Appearance,  Eco-friendly 


Classic Chinese Kung Fu Yixing Tea Caddies

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